Loelle's LookBook

Google UX Exercise

Wait Staff Experience


Next Steps: Refine and Deliver

In Phase 3, I ideated and generated potential solutions (What) for our users. In Phases 4 and 5, I'd expect to continue to refine and iterate through potential exercises like...

  • Usability testing
  • Additional critique
  • Hi-Fi Mockups
  • Prototyping
  • Setting UX KPIs

...just to name a few


  • Expanding the scope
    • The servers I interviewed mentioned patrons leaving feedback on receipts... it would be interesting to explore a receipt as the launching point for a patron leaving feedback, instead of a coaster. This approach, however, would require greater involvement from a restaurant, integration into a POS, so and on and so forth
    • Expanding the scope, has the potential to benefit restaurants in tracking their servers' performance, perhaps enabling managers to leave feedback, etc.
  • Incentives
    • I struggled imagining what building on the patron side of the experience would look like; in other words, is there a reason to build out account capabilities for patrons and is there a way to incentivize them to continue to leave reviews for servers?
    • Incentives might require restaurants rallying behind the app and offering discounts to users for their feedback (with hopes of increased patronage)
  • Overall, it was difficult to narrow down the scope of the exercise to empower just servers, but I really enjoyed going through this process and have learned so much that will inform design challenges to come!