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Google UX Exercise

Wait Staff Experience


Phase 3: Generate

In Phase 2, I continued to explore the user and their unique set of needs (When & Where), in preparation for solving for them. In Phase 3 I began to ideate and generate potential solutions (What).

What could I build?

To begin solving for the users' needs I could...

  • Option 1: Build a physical/digital product

    • "Installed" at restaurant tables and allows patrons to quickly and easily provide feedback, after or during their dining experience. This experience lessens time and effort for patrons, but requires a way for servers to digest the feedback easily.

    • Would require support and involvement from restaurant and logistically could be a headache maintaining physical devices.

  • Option 2: Build a smartphone app 

    • Focused on rating servers, similar to a Yelp. The experience would support quick and easy server ratings, as well as simple ways for servers to digest such feedback. Such an app would require some complexity and incentives to make this experience work for both patrons and servers.

  • Option 3: Build an Web and app experience, supported by a physical element

    • Servers could solicit feedback through a web experience of some sort, meaning a lower barrier of entry for patrons, unlike an App download. This experience could enable users to quickly and easily provide ratings on the Web and patrons to easily consume it through an app experience.

Given the pros and cons of the above options, I went with Option 3. If we properly eliminate friction for patrons, this option seemed to provide the most value and least effort.

User Flow

The experience needed to support the following interactions and behaviors, as demonstrated in my user flow (my Goals, revisited):

  • Servers seamlessly soliciting feedback
  • Patrons leaving feedback with the least friction possible
  • Servers must easily digest how they're performing and share with others, if they desire